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Sep. 21st, 2017

[info]foxmask in [info]fandom_psls

I would burn it all down for a Montag/Clarisse line.

[info]banshee_queen in [info]fandom_psls

Sylvanas Windrunner

I'm searching for someone to play against my Sylvanas in a femslash line. It would be great if you know Warcraft lore but if not the backstory can be explained. This would hopefully turn into a long-lasting line and I'm really hoping I find someone interested. Comment to discuss further.

[info]rushbiscuit in [info]slashsls

[info]rainbowcreek would anyone be interested in working out a loving, domestic threeway line to take there? Prefer to play a bottom/switch.

[info]talisman in [info]fandom_psls

Looking for some new storylines! Preferably long-term, world-building, and a mix of plot and adult scenes.


• Once Upon a Time
• Disney
• Riverdale
• Assassin's Creed (mainly looking for someone to write Jacob against Ezio, been wanting to try out this pairing for awhile)

For most of those, I'm pretty open about who I play and pairings! If you've been dying for a particular combo, hit me up. And if something doesn't jive, I'll say so and will offer alternatives.

[info]stilestastic in [info]slashsls

PSL's wanted

Long shot I know, but I am in love with this guy and his role as the black ranger in the recent power rangers movie. Nostalgia gripped me hard and won't let go. Plus, I love this tragic yet comical character of his and would love to explore it further.

So I am looking for a red ranger, Tommy Oliver, an enemy, or an OC (civilian/ranger/whatever) for my Zack. I don't care about faces really!

So, basically, if you like his face and don't mind the Power Rangers universe, hit me up.
Hell I might even be willing to do a supernatural line, vampires, werewolves, witches, the likes.

M/M only obviously
Long term preferred.
No Limits.
3rd POV storybook style, I match what I get, usually around 1-3 paragraphs.
PWP or plot driven

Drop me a costum and let's plot.
Or drop me your e-mail
or hit me up directly on AIM at hotdamncade

Comments screened, make my day!

[info]hardlives in [info]slashsls

would anyone consider doing a slash line where one is a fan and the other is a celebrity?


Yo [info]acheron folks....

Anyone have a use for an Io to fill a line for them?

I'm a woman of simple needs and apparently one of those is to have someone who turns into a cow

[info]spicedcandles in [info]slashsls

Hello there everyone! I'm hoping to get some psls or gpsls. I prefer to write on dw because Ij doesn't load well for me anymore but I'm up for all kinds of plots. Characters I play and more information in the journal!

[info]happymiserable in [info]fandom_psls

Rewatching Game of Thrones has me wondering what might have happened if Robb Stark had listened to his mother and not gone back on his promise to Walder Frey. The promise to choose one of the Frey daughters for his bride. It could be a fun AU if there are any Robb muses who would be up for giving it a chance. No instant romances. In fact, it would be hilarious and wonderful if they despised each other right off the bat and he was intending to marry one of her sisters. She could be older or around the same age. I have no set face for the character.

I have so many plots ranging from fluff to smutty and dark and angsty, depending on what direction you want to go. Or we can change it up and maybe something happens with one of the brothers instead.

Mixing things up but still maybe keeping some of the canon can be brainstormed. I am open to trying all the things here. If there is a possibility for doing a group psl, that might be interesting as well.

[info]spicedcandles in [info]fandom_psls

Hello there everyone! I'm hoping to get some psls or gpsls. I prefer to write on dw because Ij doesn't load well for me anymore but I'm up for all kinds of plots. Characters I play and more information in the journal!

[info]loyaltonarnia in [info]fandom_psls

This is probably a long shot.. but does anyone play Prince Caspian? I'd love him for a line over at [info]reconsider

[info]perseverance in [info]slashsls

Taking this Alpha here to [info]knotties. I'd love to find some omegas that he's helped through their heats, maybe the one where he's hoping for a bit more from.

[info]horoscopic in [info]fandom_psls

[info]bishojo Jadeite the late night radio host. Zoisite as a rival television personality selling beauty products that promise 'eternal youth.' Or maybe a rising star in the drag scene! Kunzite as an unflappable talent agent à la Princess Carolyn. Bonus points if he manages all the reborn Shittenou. Give them to me now.

[info]chillout in [info]slashsls

Mick Rory for my Leonard Snart?

Might also play him off of a few others. Inquire within or via contact post.

Sep. 20th, 2017

[info]porcelains in [info]fandom_psls


[info]magicglue in [info]slashsls

would anyone consider playing another male against criss angel, ed westwick or hayden christensen?

[info]callos in [info]slashsls

lines of all sorts for this mechanic/business owner/adrenaline junkie at [info]rattlesnake.

[info]sebgarza in [info]slashsls

Would like one of the college undergrad boys who have a crush on him to make this porn star/sex worker's life away from work as a TA at UNLV more difficult @ [info]rattlesnake.

[info]jotuns in [info]slashsls

if you are looking to join [info]lineart and actually plan on applying and want to plot with someone already there, please let me know. please don't respond if you expect me to do all the plotting.

[info]konane in [info]slashsls

Omegas for this alpha to breed and knot in hopes of knocking up.

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